New beginning/book/4

Chapter 4

I made a good Turkish coffee and sit on terrace.

Pain in a Soul start to coming…

Why? Why I lost him? How can I will start over in this town? I lost all my contacts because his jealousy and possessive thoughts about every person I knew..

New beginning/book/3

Chapter 3

I opened the old door and come inside.

Everything was clean  because her aunt was cleaned for her coming. Dear Aunt Mary..

She bought a lot of a food and friz was full. Bathroom also has all what is needed.

 All stuff for bath was from lavanda and olive oil 🙂

 Dear aunt Mary..:)

I will make a dinner and invite her to come over..

New beginning/book/2

Chapter 2

Airplane landed. Crowds was awful. Hot summer, people are nervously searching something or someone..

I took stuffs and quickly left a crowdy building. With a local a taxi and in a about 20 minutes I arrived in front of  a old house in the center of City Split on the Adriatic sea. nice memories..

New begging/book/1

Chapter 1

Siting in a airplane, I was thinking about everything, all this today, on Court. 

It seems it is over. Finally I am free.

Divorced. No more Him, Luke. He cheated me with a my friend Ariela. No so close friend..but..

Nothing is stopping me to stay in this city. We do not have a kid’s, Luka couldn’t. Everything is pointless now.

 So I packed my things and arranged everything with a Agency about rental apartment for a long time. I bought a one way ticket for a Split,that beautiful City on a Adriatic sea, hometown. I have a small apartment in the center,grandpa’s home. 

It was empty by year’s, after grandpa Damian died.

Now I want a change. New beginning.  New town. Old town. Home town..

My Split.